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New Fiber Optic Repeater for PROFIBUS Networks

belden-FO-repeaterBelden Inc. has released a new version of its PROFIBUS fiber optic repeater. The OZD Profi 12M G22 allows PROFIBUS networks to communicate over longer distances through fast and reliable fiber optic signals, while also guaranteeing signal reliability through integrated redundancy technology. This new device builds on the proven family of Hirschmann PROFIBUS repeaters with higher signal conversion capacity.

Connectivity Technology for 24-Volt Power Supply

belden-L-coded_24VBelden Inc. – The L-coded M12 circular connecter variant, which is internationally standardized through the standard 61076-2-111, will be the future single standard for 24-volt PROFINET devices with circular connectors. The L-coded M12 Power Connectors of the Lumberg Automation brand are approved in accordance with UL and VDE and already meet the future PROFINET guideline, which is expected to be published in April 2017.

Media Redundancy Protocol Support for IO-Link Masters

Comtrol_Group-final-600pxComtrol Corp announced support for Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP) across its full line of PROFINET IO-Link Master products. MRP enables redundant PROFINET communication through a ring topology without the need for switches. In addition to the MRP firmware, The IO-Link Master PROFINET products are IIoT and Industry 4.0 ready with features such as embedded webpage sensor and configuration management.

PCs to Communicate on PROFINET IRT Over Fiber Optic

press-2016-ixxat-inpact-profinetfo_enHMS Industrial Networks expanded the IXXAT INpact multi-protocol card series with a PCIe mini variant for PROFINET IRT over Fiber Optic. The IXXAT INpact enables easy implementation of a PROFINET IRT Fiber Optic Device interface and can be used in compact industrial PCs as well as in mobile devices. The PROFINET IRT FO connection is made via SC-RJ connectors.

Industrial Ethernet Switches for Reliable Communication

Industrial Ethernet switches for reliable communication in automationWith its Scalance XC-200 product line, Siemens is bringing a new generation of compact Industrial Ethernet switches onto the market. Users can use them to set up electrical and optical line, star and ring structures in industrial networks. The layer 2 network components can be integrated into Profinet diagnostics. The Scalance XC-200 devices are available in different versions with up to 24 RJ45 ports and two ST/BFOC or two SC ports.

Capacitive Sensors with IO-Link

turck2216_96Turck has announced its BCT capacitive sensors with an IO-Link interface. The BCT meets the requirements of protection type IP67 and is available in four variants: It is available as an M18 variant with a 5 mm standard switching distance and as an M30 variant with a 10 mm switching distance – each for flush mounting. The BCT sensors can be set according to the particular model ordered or by teach buttons/cable.

Compact IP67 Controller with Codesys 3

turck2716_96Turck has announced its TBEN-PLC Codesys 3 controller as a compact IP67 PLC for controlling small or modular machines. Thanks to its robust housing and high degree of protection, the TBEN-PLC can operate directly in the field and thus enables the implementation of machine and plant controls without the need for a control cabinet. The TBEN-PLC can also be run as a device in Profinet networks, which enables it to be used as a protocol converter. For example, the TBEN-PLC can operate as the CANopen manager of a machine module networked with CANopen and connect this module to a system running with Profinet.